Who is going for lunch? Go to Smossy.com

Today I’m launching the first version of Smossy.com, the result of a couple of holiday weeks during Christmas time.

The app is mainly intended to be used at work, around 10-12 AM when everybody is getting hungry but on the same time doesn’t really have time to go outside for a sandwich. It’s something I deal with every day, and with frustration comes passion, and so there was the idea.

Of course you can also use the app to collect pizza’s for your team, and then phone the pizza man, for example. I wrote the website with following goals: simplicity, speed, 3 clicks maximum, and with almost no required fields.

You can even use the website on your smartphone, as it’s completely responsive, which gives you the opportunity to carry the shopping list digitally to the store.

I am still debugging the whole thing, and currently finalizing the possibility to work with digital teams, in order that you don’t have to mail the share link yourself, and being table notify automatically your team members that a list for today was made, and the order has arrived.

I really loved making a full stack web application once again, applying a whole bunch of new stuff that I’ve learned during last months (Laravel, Bootstrap, Angular, Bower, Gulp, ..). The current release only exposes 2 types of data, smossies (baskets) and purchases. Most of the time however went into thinking about the usability and the ease of use, something I never really practiced before.

That’s why I really would love feedback on all possible domains. Depending on the feedback I will improve and add more features, as you can imagine there is so much more to put in.